Printable Heat Transfer for Dark Shirts

Printable Heat Transfer for Dark Shirts

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Transfer paper for black and dark colored textiles allows you to transfer images onto black and dark colored fabrics, reproducing vibrant colors.

Fabrics need to contain no less than 50% cotton and should be pre-washed (no fabric softeners). Transfers are done easily and inexpensively. No special equipment needed - just transfer sheets, inkjet printer and a heatpress.

Transferred images are washable without discoloration. Perfect for transferring images to t-shirts for events such as children's birthday parties, hen/stag nights, youth adventure trips, short-term promotions or trade shows.


Printing and preparing image:

  • This paper can be used with any inkjet printer. Graphics must be printed as normal image viewing (not as mirror image). If your printer mirrors automatically please mirror twice until normal image viewing is reached again.
  • Single sheet feeding is recommended. Make sure that the paper is straight and does not have any bent or creased corners.
  • If necessary size your image before printing.
  • Before printing a final image, produce on economy grade paper to test for layout / design.
  • Important: After printing please let the print dry for at least 5 – 10 minutes.  DO NOT TOUCH THE PRINTED SURFACE.  Touching the surface when the print is not dry may damage the coating and the image.
  • Even if you print more than one sheet always use single sheet feeding and keep them separated for at least 10 minutes until the prints are completely dry.

Print setting:

  • Only use original ink recommended by your inkjet printer manufacturer.
  • Only use a standard ink set. Do not use photo ink. (if applicable)

Preparing your fabric for transfer:

  • All fabric should be prewashed prior to using transfers. Prewashing removes any starch or sizing applied by the garment or fabric manufacturer before shipping, and assures an even bond.  Be sure that fabric is a cotton or cotton/poly blend.  Canvas is also acceptable.  Best results are achieved with black or dark colored fabric for natural results.  Do not use white or dark colored fabric.  

The transfer process:

  • Iron on flat, hard, heat resistant surface. DO NOT USE IRONING BOARD.
  • Preheat your iron 5 to 8 minutes on highest possible setting (linen setting). DO NOT USE STEAM SETTING.
  • Some irons get hotter than others. These instructions are made for an average iron.  Test your iron by ironing a sheet of white plain paper under the same conditions as for the transfer.  Your iron might be too hot if the paper becomes yellowish.
  • Cut out non-printed areas without any margins. Round off edges to avoid corner liftoff after washing.
  • Make sure the garment is completely flat and wrinkle free. Iron first if necessary to ensure flatness.
  • Remove backing paper by carefully tearing a corner and peeling away from the face/image. Place transfer paper with the image facing upwards in desired position on fabric.  Cover image with enclosed overlay paper.  Start ironing with straight, non-stop motions from top to bottom and side to side by using even high body pressure. Use the hot center of the iron to reach all areas, especially all corners and edges.  Make sure that the whole image has been ironed.
  • The complete transfer time depends on the size of your image. As a guideline iron a full page for 180 sec, ½ page 90 sec, ¼ page 30 seconds.  Irons with steam wholes on the surface need a longer transfer time.
  • Follow the recommended transfer times. If the transfer time is too short and the transfer media does not adhere to the receiver material the image could come off partially or in full during the washing process.  If the transfer time is too long or too much pressure is applied it is possible that the image becomes yellowish.

Remove the overlay paper - complete the transfer:

  • Let the transfer paper cool down completely.
  • Lift the overlay paper.
  • Your transfer is complete. 

Washing instructions:

  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing.
  • Fabrics should be machine washed (separately for the first time only) in cool or cold wash setting with a commercial available washing detergent.
  • No bleach.
  • Immediately remove garments from the washing machine.
  • Air-drying (transfer-print outside).
  • Tumble dry at warm settings (transfer print inside)
  • To re-iron the transfer after washing and drying place the release paper onto the transfer print. Iron the transfer for 10-20 seconds.  Never iron an unprotected transfer print.
  • Before removing the release paper let it cool down completely.

Sold in packs of 10 A4 sheets per pack.