Craft Epoxy Kit

Craft Epoxy Kit

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Craft Epoxy® is a high performance, craft and jewelry casting epoxy that cures to a clear, UV resistant, glass-like finish.

It is a 100%-solids, two-component epoxy formulated for a long get time. The mixing ratio is 1:1 by volume, formulated for our high humidity levels It has fast exothermic heat build-up and cures to a crystal-clear solid that resists stress cracking. It has a medium and thick Viscosity and requires gentle mixing of the resin and hardener to prevent large amounts of bubbles from forming .If the temperatures are below 20°C the resin and hardener can be heated separately to 30°C to reduce the viscosity before mixing .

Perfect for casting and see-through encapsulation, accentuating and magnifying the objects within. It can be poured at maximum 1.5cm thickness and cures to a water-like appearance. This resin should only be used for small to medium craft items and jewelry.

This resin is VOC free, Highest UV stability and FDA approved

• Voc free
• Low Odour
• 100% Solids
• Self levelling
• Enhanced air release
• Water Clear
• Easily Tinted
• Highest UV stability
• FDA approved
Kit includes
• 500 ml A & B each
• 1 x Set if Gloves
• 2 x Mixing Cups
• 6 x Mixing Sticks
• This material is for professional use only, using adequate ventilation and protection from eye and skin exposure.